(Jul 25th,2020)
**We’re expecting a new litter later this month of blue/seal bicolour with possible lynx pattern,not sure of the litter size yet, so stay tuned!~**

Available Kittens


*Updated Jul 25th,2020.

Litter O of two blue lynx bicolour, one seal lynx bicolour and one blue bicolour all went to their new homes now.

We’re expecting a new litter of Seal/Blue Bicolour with possible Lynx pattern soon this month, not sure of the litter size yet so please stay tuned.

Thanks for all the love and trust again.

Hope you can all stay safe during this difficult time.




*Updated Jan 20th,2020.

Litter N of three seal bicolour and one blue bicolour kittens all went to their sweet sweet homes now.

Thanks for all your love and trust.


*Updated Feb 19th,2019.

Litter M is all reserved for our waiting list,4 show level seal bicolour.

We’re expecting a litter of Seal/Blue Lynx/Non-lynx bicolour in mid-May.

Thank you very much for your patience and interest.


*Updated Nov 27, 2018.

Litter L is READY!!!

#1 Luna


Super sweet girl with big round eyes, show level.

#2 Lennon


Purring monster boy, cuddle lover, follows you everywhere,  deep blue eyes, pet level.

#3  Leo


Our favourite big fluffy boy, super cute and soft, breeder level.

#4 Lucky


Precious little girl, so tiny but sweet. Loves meowing at you and playing with your foot,pet level.

#5 Lex


Shy gentlemen. While others are fighting for your attention,he will always just sit by you, look at you,complete silent. But, you know he loves you.

#6 Lay


This is the last boy available from litter L, blue lynx bicolour, super energetic and playful. Loves to follow you everywhere, can’t stand without people’s company.

**We may can’t keep this page updated at all time, for more availability info please contact us.**

*****Thank you very much for your trust and love for RoselenniRags kittens.*****