(Nov 10th,2021)
**We’re on vacation now, will be back in 2022. Thanks for your trust and love in Roselennirags and wish you all a Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!~**


  Procedure of adopting our Ragdoll angels:

1.Basic infos like have you ever raised a kitten before is required from every new family before the adoption to secure that our kittens will go to a loving home. We recommend you fill out the Adoption Application first to give us a clear idea, including your colour and pattern preference, so that we can proceed the adoption faster and contact you when we have a match available.

2. Once we confirmed that you're ready to go, a deposit of $100 is required for a Show/Alter and Breeder/Alter Level kitten, for Pet Level we normally don't do deposit, we will update on the website and email the match we have in our note to find the kitten a furrrveer home,first ask first go. But if you're indeed worried that you cannot always be the first to check the update of availabilities and want to put a deposit down to reserve a future Pet Level kitten,that's understandable and acceptable as well. About more payment method infos, please contact us.


3.Congratulations! You are now in line to have your precious baby!!! The waiting time can be exciting, we do understand your eager to welcome a kitten sooner. Once we have an availability matched your preference, an email with the kitten's photo and basic info will be sent to you and the kitten will be held for two days for your response.

4.After you chose the one you want, we will send you the Preparation List with all the essentials our kittens are having and are familiar with at the cattery, as well as a new kitten welcome hints, to help you get prepared, and arrange the shipping/Pick up schedule with you.

*The entire payment will be due one day before the shipping date, or in person on the pick up date.


About Price,

At Roselenni Ragdoll cattery,

For Pet Level (Altered) Kittens, $1,300~$1,700~~

For Show/Breeder (Altered) Kittens, $1,800~$2,300~~

For Breeding King /Queen, the price may vary depend on every individual and normally we only sell with breeding rights to reputable cattery, so please contact us for more information.


The price listed above for every kitten includes:

1.A two year genetic disease guarantee; All of our breeding lines have been tested and negative to HCM,PKD,FELV AND FIV, these tests are expensive and some cattery no longer actually do it, since we deeply believe healthy babies are born to healthy parents so at Roselenni Rags we insist on testing for genetic disease to guarantee the wellness of each of our bloodlines.

2.Vaccinations and dewormers will be up-to-date and the health certificate of your kitten will be provided to you along with vaccine records and vet’s notes if applicable. The vaccine routine for all kittens is that first FRCP vaccine at 8 week old, the second shot of FRCP a month later, and then the third shot of FRCP along with Rabies a month after the second shot.

3.Registration blue slip with one of the cat associations either TICA or CFA is included for all kittens.

4.(Depends on pickup or shipping) New kitten care package consists of one toy,one blanket and a kitten 101 brochure , dry food sample your kitten doll has been eating, a documentation about every type of the supplies we've been used at our cattery and how to properly welcome your new family member) to help you get started smoothly, shipping kennel with water bowl.

5.A free 6-weeks pet insurance trial for your kitten doll, cats are sensitive they can have very strong stress reaction under certain circumstances, leaving their littermate and going to a completely new home is definitely one of them, this insurance package is meant to help every new owner financially to get through this stage and will automatically terminated if you don't approve to stay enrolled.




About Shipping,

Our kitten's welfare is always the first thing we consider when making decisions. If shipping is the only way for you, we're able to arrange our kittens' trip with some cargo service company but every cargo company has different policy and restriction. We will try our best to help you match the perfect shipping date and route, but please be aware that the date and route can be required to change by the cargo company due to unexpected conditions,like heavy snow or extreme heat occurs. And this change may cause additional charges.

If you live abroad, we'll need time to prepare extra documents for customs, and for some nations they even have their own special live animal importing regulation. So if you plan to ship your kitten to another country, please contact us with your destination first, for us to consult with the cargo company to see whether it's possible or not.


If you have any other concerns feel free to contact us.


Josephine and Kent

Roselenni Rags