(Nov 10th,2021)
**We’re on vacation now, will be back in 2022. Thanks for your trust and love in Roselennirags and wish you all a Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!~**


At Roselenni Ragdoll cattery,

For Pet Level Kitten, $1,550+~~

For Show/Breeder Alter Level, $1,900~~

For Breeder Level, the price may vary depend on every individual and normally we only sell with breeding rights to reputable cattery,so please contact us for more information.


The price listed above for every kitten contains:

1.A two year genetic disease guarantee; All of our breeding lines have been DNA tested and negative to HCM,PKD,FELV AND FIV,these tests are expensive and some cattery no longer actually do it, since we deeply believe healthy babies are born to healthy parents so at Roselenni Rags we insist on testing for genetic disease and the copy of the test result can be send to new owner on request.

2.Vaccinations and dewormers will be up-to-date and the health record of the kitten doll will be provided to the new owner listing all the vaccine date and vet’s notes and recommendations for every individual kitten. Normally your kitten doll will leave us after two complete health check-up, at least two vaccines (3in1) at the age of 8 and 12 weeks and twice deworming.

3.Registration blue slip with one of the cat associations either TICA or CFA will be included.

4.(Optional) New kitten care package consists of: favourite toy and blanket with the smell of home and littermate, dry food sample your kitten doll has been eating, two written documentations (one about every type of the supplies we've been used at our cattery and the other is how to welcome your new family member) to help you get started smoothly.

5.(Optional) A free 6-weeks pet insurance trial for your kitten doll, cats are sensitive they can have very strong stress reaction under certain circumstances, leaving their littermate and going to a completely new home is definitely one of them, this insurance package is meant to help every new owner financially to get through this stage and will automatically terminated if you don't ask to get enrolled.

*You may need to sign a Kitten Contract before the adoption. This contract is meant and only meant to protect all involved parties' right, especially our precious kitten dolls.

If you have any other concerns feel free to contact us.


Josephine and Kent

Roselenni Rags